Strategic Planning. Done-With-You Workshopping. Unforgettable Experiences. 
How It Works
It is our intention with this 5-day retreat to work alongside you to create an actionable blueprint to double your business 
in the next 12 months and make 2019 a breakthrough year for your brand. 

Here is how we'll do it: 
Step 1: Finessing Your Product Suite
Truth: The most successful businesses online do not just rely on one product or offer and hope it serves their entire audience. 

Instead, they offer a suite of products that cater to the different needs of their various customers, while also increasing their customer LTV through a smart and streamlined ascension model. 

In this workshop, we'll map out which products, programs or services you can offer that play to your strengths and feel effortless to sell. 

We'll also dive into the trenches and design a simple yet dangerously-effective sales funnel that gets your offers in front of those who are an easy yes. 

Already have a sales funnel in place? We'll dive deep and locate areas to tighten up your process, positioning and pricing so you make more, without doing more. 
Step 2: Hiring The Right People
The key to doubling your business is NOT doubling your workload. In fact, it's the exact opposite. 

In this workshop, we'll map out a team structure that makes sense for you, your budget and your business overall. 

From which key roles to hire in order to move the needle in your business to creating specific job postings (so you can find the right team members) to refocusing your efforts on the high-impact tasks on you can do; we'll create an internal structure for your business that feels right to you and the goals you have. 
Step 3: Your Promotion Plan
What does every wildly-successful brand have in common? They know how to market and promote their business in a way that speaks to their audience and creates a loyal following of believers. 

In this intensive we'll flush out a marketing plan (of attack) that allows you to stand out in a sea of sameness, without forking over the majority of your budget to Facebook ads.

Watch out, internet. Here you come!
The Schedule
You'll arrive in beautiful Costa Rica in November and join us for an evening soiree at the chosen luxurious resort.
DAY 1: Mastermind & Implementation
Day 1 we kick things off with a bang with a full day of masterminding, coaching and done-with-you implementation style workshopping. 

This day will be dedicated to visioning out your 2019, getting clear on what a breakthrough year really looks like for you and completing the first "P" in the blueprint process: Products. 

We'll kick the day off at 9am with a light breakfast (morning mimosas, anyone?) before diving into our first session in which we'll set the tone for the rest of the 3 days, get crystal-clear on what you want 2019 to look and feel like, and identifying the specific outcomes you want to get out of this event so we can tailor our coaching, guidance and feedback to what you need most. 

At noon we'll break for lunch before kicking off our afternoon session designed around your product suite, ascension model and how to make more from the offers you already have in place. 

After that session is complete, we'll break into small groups where we'll spend the rest of the afternoon working alongside each other to put your new-found plans into action before heading to a private dinner.  
DAY 2: Mastermind & Implementation
Day 2 boasts another full day of masterminding, workshopping and clarity-inducing coaching. 

Similar to Day 1, you'll start the day at 9am with a light breakfast and serious caffeination before kicking off our second day where we'll dedicate the full day to mastering the final 2 "P"s: People and Promotion

In our first session, we'll focus solely on helping you build a structure for your team that attracts A-Class people who will help take the low-level, operational tasks off your plate so you can step into more of a leadership role in your business. 

At noon we'll break for lunch on the terrace where we'll continue the discussion around designing your breakthrough year, before leaping into an exciting afternoon workshop dedicated to designing an easy-to-execute promotion plan that plays to your strengths and budget. 

Once we have that locked down we'll wrap up for the day before freshening up and heading to a decadent dinner. 
December 3: Masterminding and Cruising
With your brain swirling with possibilities, ideas and opportunities, we'll meet at 10am (hey, you deserve a sleep-in after all this work!) for brunch. 

From there we'll cap off our late morning and early afternoon with a final round of hot seats to help you wrap up any loose ends, answer any questions and solidify your plans for 2019. 

With your notebook full of ideas, we'll depart for our late afternoon and evening excursion: A luxurious sunset Catamaran cruise to close out an unforgettable few days together...complete with dinner and drinks! *clink*
The Location
Set amongst a dramatic and luxurious tropical backdrop, Costa Rica is the perfect location to dream big dreams and create a plan (of attack) that will set the stage for a remarkable (and memorable) 2019!
The Excursion
On Day 3 we set sail on the high seas with a luxurious sunset dinner cruise where the only item on your to-do list is to relax, decompress, snorkel and soak up the Costa Rican sunshine, with a fruity drink in hand!
10am: Brunch and mimosas

11am - 2pm: Hot Seats and Q & A

2pm - 3pm: Lunch 

3pm: Depart for our evening sunset and dinner cruise
Ready To Join Us In November, 2018?
Live the Pura Vida life with a 5-day unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling inspired, re-energized and 
crystal-clear on how to make 2019 a breakthrough year for your business!
Price: $5950 (only 25 spots available)
*Accommodation, food & drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) included
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